Wednesday, April 27, 2011

leaving home...

Easter was wonderful at the Smith house, it was a welcome break from the unpacking, place finding, and sprucing up that we have been doing for the past month.  My In-Law’s came into town and we did the obligatory egg dying, egg hunting, and Easter bunnying.  It was nice to have our first overnight guest in the new house; we had plenty of room and everyone seemed to sleep comfortably. 

Even though we did some yard work and a bit of maintance on the pool, it was relaxing.  We got the hammock up and enjoyed the mild breezy weather while visiting over under ripe watermelon.  It was yummy.  It was refreshing catching up with the news on the family and having the chance to see their sweet faces.  On perfect weekends like these it makes me so lonesome for my parents, I have actually been missing living IN their house. 

My parents were the parents everyone wanted; the house was welcoming, the advice supportive, and the company was enertaining.  Maybe that's why I have been missing them so much; they did TOO good of a job in making me feel loved, supported, and safe...I want to go back.  It really is an odd rite of passage, leaving home.  From the moment you are brought into this world people spend their time caring for you, providing for you, and making you feel safe  Your childhood is spent developing life skills and it's like a second job for your parents.  As an only child I rely on my parents a good deal so you can imagine how thankful I was to recieve a flyer from Cheetah's school.  They wanted to offer some insight into what they would be expecting from him as he begins his school years.  Up until this point I felt that we were doing a great job preparing him for his future.  I never considered the skills they had listed: buckling a belt, tucking in a shirt, wiping his bottom, reciting our phone number, knowing our address, and opening a milk carton.  Our dreams of a summer day lazing by the pool now have to include pop quizes and skill tests.  Oh the life of a responsible parent.

Speaking of pools...

We have come a LONG way.  I say WE but what I really mean is Tarzan has done some hard work.

Thanks to his efforts, with some advice from the In-Laws we may be in the pool by my birthday weekend!!  Score one more for Tarzan!

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