Monday, January 30, 2012

working hard for the money

Tarzan and I had previously been big spenders and had the credit card debit and bad credit ratings to prove it, so we now live by a budget and a strict rule of NO credit cards.  We learned the pluses of living on a budget the hard way, though I am sure our parents warned us before leaving for college.  Cheetah has the joy of be raised by 2 cheap parents who refuse to give into his every whim.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in giving him everything he asks for, while we may not be made of money, he is an only child and it does have its perks.   

When Christmas came around Tarzan and I were appalled when Cheetah's wish list began growing by leaps and bounds, we decided that this would be the perfect time to try and teach him some perspective.  He had asked for the PS3 game called Skylander's, I was down for it until I googled it and realized it was a scam!  No only is the game $60 but you have to buy/collect all these different figures to complete the game.  Once again, Tarzan came to the rescue...he informed Cheetah that this was a rather expensive item for a Christmas gift (especially for Santa) but we could come up with a way for him to EARN the money for the Skylander game.  Cheetah wasn't thrilled but once he understood that he would have the game eventually he agreed to try to be patient and work for the money to spend on his game.

We came up with this chore list, things that Cheetah could do that would help us out and help him foster some skills of his own.  He could earn up to 12 stickers a day (additional stickers could be given if behavior warranted it) and each sticker was worth a nickle.  I was shocked to see such a swift change in his behavior,  we have had to endure quite a bit of conversations revolving around Skylander's over the past weeks but it was worth it.  If all goes well at school this week Cheetah will be buying the MEGA pack...and he is just beyond ecstatic!

This weekend we spoke of nothing but Skylander's and all the 'guys' he wants to buy, he said he'd be on his best behavior and work really hard!  I'm a bit concerned that he may be the best kid in the world and  that we'll be broke before next Christmas. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

taking a giant jump into this leap year...

Last year I decided that I would make a private resolution to see if for once I could in fact set a goal and keep it for a whole 365 days...I was surprised on December 12, 2011 when I realized I had not only inadvertently forgotten about said resolution, but I also kept it!  I  was so close to surviving a full calendar year without purchasing (for those the know me personally, I hope you're sitting down) a single purse OR pair of shoes for myself!  Once I made this realization I had to endure the hardest 19 days of my life...every where I turned I saw the cutest shoes and purses but I am happy to report that I still have yet to purchase any of the afore mentioned items...I was inspired.

LOVE Loungefly purses
Since I was able to directly affect the balance of my savings account by asking myself daily, "Do you really NEED this?" I wondered what I could for myself if I made a more personal 'promise'.  Could I dedicate the year of the dragon to my health?  Could I survive a year of exercise, what would it feel like, could it be a goal that could become a life altering habit? 

Heart disease is more common than brunettes in my family tree and it's not a matter of IF I have an affair with heart disease but WHEN.  I have decided to challenge myself to making some difficult choices; making meals that don't come from boxes or cans, 4 days a week of 45 minutes (minimum) of exercise, steer clear from high fructose corn syrup, and increase my veggie and fruit intake by 80%. 

I am taking matters into my own hands, since January 2nd I have begun the journey by cutting out the junk and adding whole foods to my family's diet and things were going well until I had a bump in the road that could have lead to my quick demise.  Every woman, weather she has voiced it or not, has a number of pounds that she never wants to reach; on January 9th I weighed myself and realized that I was 11lbs over my OMG number.  So after crying myself to sleep that night, I ran out to the local Gamestop and purchased a copy of Just Dance 3 (you HAVE to try it, it really is a blast) for my PS3 and I haven't let up. 

I have also taken advantage of a trail membership at Cheetah's dojo and have decided that no matter the expense, I have to do this for myself.  On January 16th, after much research on my part and a doctor visit I decided that juicing could be a key in helping unlock my love for fruits and veggies; it is amazing how much better I feel already.  My body is working better, my skin has cleared up, my digestive system no longer requires a steady intake of Tums, and I actually have more energy than I ever had while drinking sodas (after a terrible 5 days without really was easy to kick the habit).

Nothing that is worth having is easy to get your hands on, and I am sure I will want to give up on many occasions.   I hope to have some people willing to be 'calorie dialed' as I stand in front of some smelly fried chicken place for the 3rd time that week, just dying to go inside.  I will give into my urges in the most responsible way I can find, this can't be a diet, it can't be something quickly forgotten once the 366 days of 2012 pass by.  I have to look at myself and my family and friends and decide what is most important...eating what lies in the shiny smelly yummy fast food places on each and every corner or being a whole supportive presence in their daily lives.  So email me your number if you are willing to be my 'calorie texted' or 'calorie dialed' back-up...I promise to do the same.  ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marriage often leads to roommates.

Being married is great; there is nothing like having someone to laugh with, watch tv with, and talk out your troubles with (to list just a few reasons)...BUT...just like every thing else there is a down side.  With a marriage usually comes a roommate, and with a roommate comes a boat load of new difficulties.

On your best of days you can overlook them missing the hamper, not putting away their belongings, or leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  The fact that they read 4 books a week is endearing but leaving them all over the house becomes irritating.  You breath deeply and decide to pick up the slack for a day or two until you become a ticking time bomb. You're secretly daring them to mention just one slip up you've made; you have all your artillery on hand, just waiting to pounce.  If left unchecked feelings of resentment can begin to bubble to the surface.  You've worked so hard to keep the house in order, you've cooked meals, and washed're proud of all that you were able to accomplish in your waking hours.  You are shocked that your roommate wouldn't see what a sacrifice you've made to keep things in 'tip top shape'. 

I know all of these feelings ALL to well, and it's not because my roommate is crappy but because of my expectations.  I not only expect my roomie to understand feelings I haven't actually said aloud but I think he values things like a swept floor, clean counters, or sparkling tubs.  For all I know he may be walking through the house fuming over my 6 dirty cups a day, me leaving clean clothes in the dryer, forgetting to replace the toliet paper on the holder, or my piles of dirty socks by my bed side.  So today as I stand on the edge of the high dive just raring to take a leap into the deep end of crazy I must remind myself that I too am a roommate, and not always the best one either.

Friday, January 6, 2012

who knew he was part parrot?

Tarzan and I have several 'catch phrases' that have set up permanent residence in our day lives.  We have 3 favorites in the house that occur on specific occassions: when you're looking for something, when making grocery lists, and any time you hear the word 'stop' should be prepared to laugh. 

In our house if you are looking for something and say the words, "Where's my _____", you can bet you'll hear one of us mutter "If it was up your butt you'd know". 

It never fails, any time I ask Tarzan if he needs something from the store he'll say, "You remember that stuff I used to eat back in the day (insert remainder of 'Half Baked' quote)", as I laugh and roll my eyes. 

The last catch phrase isn't just our's, I believe everyone in our generation follows the word STOP with 'collabrate and listen'  

We've been able to get away with our mutterings being unnoticed but after my recent date with Cheetah i am a bit concerned for our future.  The poor waitress had no idea what would happen when she muttered the words, "where'd my pen go?"...