Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kick starting Christmas.

I made a promise on Facebook, "'I will make ALL my Christmas gifts this year" and thanks to Pintrest I will have no problem filling stockings this Christmas.  It had been a while since I had made something to give as a gift so I felt that the best place to warm-up would be Halloween. Cheetah reommended carving a pumpkin, I tried to remind him how much he DID NOT enjoy doing it last year but he would not give up. 
Yeah, it didn't take long for him to regret his request.  I also learned a good lesson about pumpkins this year, although the 'warty' pumpkins are super cute they do not make good carving pumpkins.  The skin is SUPER tough, even Tarzan had a hard time carving into it.  We kinda gave up on the face but the 'goblin' inspired jack-o-lantern still came out super cute.
After our battle with the pumpkin I was a little nervous to try my hand at tye dying at home.  Last year after Halloween I bought this kit at Walmart for under $3 dollars, and I was super excited.  The only things I had to provide were shirts and patience...
Suprisingly it went really well, Cheetah was into it but after 15 minutes of just squeezing dye he lost intrest.  I ended up tye dying 5 t-shirts and loving it.  They had to soak overnight but the 1st thing I did the next morning was cut off the bands and take a look.  Cheetah couldn't believe that you could change a white t-shirt to something 'so cool yo' (had to use his exact words).
We had enough dye leftover to make our 1st Christmas gift of the year.  It turned out great and we know that the giftee will LOVE it too!! 
We have whipped our creative muscles into shape and this past weekend we churned out 4 more Christmas gifts and started on another 4, it won't be long before we have them all done and ready for the unveiling.  I'll give a little sneak peek as we work toward our family Christmas's...seriously, check out Pintrest, there are SO many great ideas and ways to help you save money during this holiday season.