Me Jane

I am a tired, beautiful, youngish woman who happens to be married to the greatest guy in the jungle and is mother to the most hilarious monkey!!  We live a pretty normal life of family, friends, work, school, and chores but it's the mishaps along the way that keep the comedy at a constant high. 

I love long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, pina coladas, and songs by Rupert Holmes.  Walks on the beach often lead to mine fields where I may OCCASSIONALLY lose my cool and snap commands at the always loving Tarzan and Cheetah.  I currently reside in a candy coated purgatory where I am paying for the 'sins' of my childhood by being forced to listen to bad jokes, watch terrible cartoons, and muddle through song lyrics that are reengineered by my 9 year-old.  I never really saw myself as a hat person but now I find that I have too many to decide upon and not enough outfits to chose from.