Friday, January 6, 2012

who knew he was part parrot?

Tarzan and I have several 'catch phrases' that have set up permanent residence in our day lives.  We have 3 favorites in the house that occur on specific occassions: when you're looking for something, when making grocery lists, and any time you hear the word 'stop' should be prepared to laugh. 

In our house if you are looking for something and say the words, "Where's my _____", you can bet you'll hear one of us mutter "If it was up your butt you'd know". 

It never fails, any time I ask Tarzan if he needs something from the store he'll say, "You remember that stuff I used to eat back in the day (insert remainder of 'Half Baked' quote)", as I laugh and roll my eyes. 

The last catch phrase isn't just our's, I believe everyone in our generation follows the word STOP with 'collabrate and listen'  

We've been able to get away with our mutterings being unnoticed but after my recent date with Cheetah i am a bit concerned for our future.  The poor waitress had no idea what would happen when she muttered the words, "where'd my pen go?"...

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  1. oh dear.
    but then, jane herself had a little parrot in her at that age!!!!