Friday, April 1, 2011

Tried and True dishes!

Every family has those 'tried and true' dishes that are comforting and full of memories, I wanted to share two of my favorites.

They both start with any of your favorite cake mixes and your favorite tub of icing.  One of my favorite cakes is a Spice Cake, it's so moist and full of flavorfull spices.  This time I used s; CAyenne Pepper, Sage, and Marjoram.  :)

Mix as directed and pour into a greased cake pan and bake as directed...and violia!  Spice cake.

The 2nd 'dish' is a favorite of children of ALL ages. 

You start with a cake mix and frosting, pour into lined cupcake pan and bake as directed.

Then be sure to add your favorite 'topping' onto the cupcakes and be sure to please your mother and SHARE!!

I sure hope you hear 'shouts' of excitement when you serve these delightful dishes to all your family and friends!


  1. LOVE the roaches... and spice cake was always my favorite. Oma used to make a coffee icing that was just perfect on this, but i'm thinking it should be updated to a decadent cream cheese frosting!!! ;-)
    and the roach cupcakes are too COOL!!!

  2. Yeah it's kinda hard to explain 'April Fool's" to 4 year old. After this tutorial, he should be giving everyone a run for everyone's money.