Monday, April 11, 2011

I like my drinks stout, just not my beer.

Something you should know about Tarzan is that he really enjoys talk radio, it is something that usually aggravates me but now he has won me over.  Last week as he was on his way to work he heard the dj discussing a recent event and new instantly that it would be right up my alley.  When the dj said they were giving away tickets he began speed dialing the station, he was caller #5 (crazy, huh??) and won two passes to the 2nd annual Top of the Hops Brewfest!  We were so excited, not only were we going to have a blast but it just so happens that my parents had offered to watch Cheetah this weekend so we could celebrate our 8th years of marriage.  The luck didn’t stop there, when he went to pick up the tickets, the tickets came with an awesome prize pack!!  We won an ice bucket, a 6 pack of FANTASTIC beers, concert tickets, bottle opener, and Sam Adam’s beer glasses.

To prepare for the event we had Cheetah help us construct our pretzel necklaces, we heard that they were the only food that would be allowed through the gates.  The necklaces were a hit, a lot of people asked where we bought them and several strangers decided to take part in our yummy accessories. 

We had so much fun, we tasted some rather nasty (IMHO) beers but were able to find quite a few we enjoyed.  It was a really fun way to learn which beers to steer clear of and which types to purchase.  One word I can add to my vocabulary is STOUT, and I don’t like it!  I had a great time chatting with Tarzan, deciding which one to try next, and watching people’s reactions to the beers they tasted.  We ended the day by heading over to a local bar and partaking in our favorite liquor and some super yummy burgers (thanks Rivals!).  One thing the Brewfest taught me is that I am not the ‘beer drinker’ that I thought I was…thinking I’ll stick with the Turkey! 

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  1. yeah, i never got much into beer. i was a jack girl, all the way, that is, in MY day ;-) so glad you & tarzan got to go!