Monday, April 4, 2011

The Girl Scout in the kitchen.

Recently my cooking implements have become quite the 'gag reel' at the Smith household.  First you must know that if you could name a kitchen tool, I have it and use it, however at a moments notice I NEVER think to use it.  Maybe it has something to do with all my years as a Girl Scout, it's not a challenge if I open the drawer and use the strainer to rescue all the noodles from Cheetah's soup, I must use a silver meat fork.

Why use a spatula to get a slice of pizza from the toaster oven when a silver pie server works just as well?

When removing my fresh baked bread from the bread machine I lie it ontop of several skewers on a baking sheet (part of my toaster oven), instead of the 3 cooling racks that I have...

The cooling racks also don't get used when removing cupcakes from the oven, I use the insert to my toaster oven...

Now when I need to pour icing on my petit fors I DO use my cooling racks...

In my kitchen everything does have a purpose, it's just not what the factory designed it for.


  1. very innovative. i like the way you think ... it's ... familiar.
    says the woman who used coffee filters to strain her drink when the tea bag burst ... and the strainer was RIGHT THERE!!!! ;-)

  2. i love the girl scout analogy! :)