Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Woman on a Mission - Part 1

Wanting make short work of my new year plans, I am diving right into my first “Woman on a Mission weekends. I am in need for a recharge and some laughs, great conversations, and hugs will be just the boost I need; plus I want to energize my bestie before the start of her next semester. I have my directions printed out and some great ideas for fun in my noggin.

This weekend Cheetah and I are going to a state he has never been to, spending some quality time with one of my ‘sisters’, and hanging-out with some of his ‘best friends’ for the whole weekend. He says that we are going to the best sleepover EVER and that he plans on not sleeping at all (GASP)…I am beginning to think I may need to invest in a tranq gun before heading out of town.

He is making all these plans; he has the pajamas he wants to bring picked out, the clothes that he wants to show to Joe and Aaron, and the toys he HAS to bring along.  It’s so good that he’s SO excited to be going on the adventure with me because I am counting down the days.  I am making all these plans: picking out my pajamas, bringing all these comfy clothes, and making mental notes on all the stuff I need to catch Melinda up on…happy is ‘catching’ and it seems that lameness may be hereditary. 

It’s always weird to me to think of myself in the role of parent, let alone my friends so I always find it fun to be around them with their children.  It’s neat to see how someone else does it all, what do they allow, what are the house rules, and how DO they keep things running so smoothly???   It’s helpful to get ideas in real life situations; and if anyone knows how to keep their calm while being fired a million questions it will be my friend, mother of 2 boys, Melinda.  I am sure when she reads this she will disagree but I’ve always seen her as one of the calmest people in my life, very grounded and aware of her decisions…a very ‘earthy’ mother. 

So I wait, anxiously for noon on Friday to come, as is Tarzan, I am sure. How quiet the jungle will be with his monkey and woman wreaking havoc somewhere else.


  1. Come wreak havoc in Southaven next! Please, please, please!

  2. jane and cheetah take it on the road!! love it. y'all have a GREAT weekend!