Monday, January 31, 2011

being loved by her is inspiring...

It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in the mundane details of my days and begin to loose perspective, it’s like I forget the things happen to other people.  When I am having a particularly self-pitying day I know that I can call my mom and within minutes she can have me grounded.  I have never met anyone else in the world that is that AWARE of others. 

I am not saying that the woman doesn’t ever throw her own occasional 20 minute pity parties but on the whole she knows what REAL problems are and when people need a safety net. A formally single working (2 jobs), school attending mother of a toddler always found a way to push herself just a bit more. Her life has been filled with hurdles, stints of time spent caring for ailing family members, and economic challenges. The strength that runs through her veins is astounding.

When she hears or witnesses a story she is affected, when she cares it is completely, and she loves totally. If she says that she’s praying for you, you can bet that the candles are burning and the rosary is smoking; you’ll cross her mind more frequently than she goes to the bathroom. There may be times when people take advantage of her loyalty and dedication; and there may be times when she is unable to say ‘no’; but there is something inspiring about people who knowingly put others before themselves.

From day to day it can be harder and harder to make the decision to roll out of bed and put both feet on the floor, these are the times I try my hardest to think like her.  I spend my shower time reflecting.  As I lather I think of each member of my family and my friends and try to recall something going on in their lives.  I think of school, illness, weather, pregnancies, financial woes, and mental anguish and I spend those minutes sending up prayers and considering ways I can lend a hand, shoulder, or ear.  I know over time I will become more ‘in-tune’ with the needs of those who I hold dearest and, one day I hope to hear Tarzan utter, “Gosh you sound just like your mother.”


  1. truer words were never written. excellent.

  2. found you from McCall's linky party. Enjoyed reading. I enjoyed this b/c I have a mother like that too. :)

  3. LOVE THIS and THANK YOU! Oh, and I kinda love you too. Did I ever mention that? :)