Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are you what you eat???

 So while I chose not to make any resolutions based on self improvement, I did decide to step up my money saving. Tarzan and I have come full circle in our debt resolving but now we need to really double time our savings this year and try to make every dollar worth 2. The best place where families can usually shave off a couple hundred dollars is the food budget.

For several years we have been users of Angelfood ( ) and while they do help provide inexpensive meals for all families willing to participate, you can end up with a freezer full of foods that are not your top choices. This is our current predicament, I REFUSE to buy any food at the grocery store while hundreds of dollars of food resides in my freezer not to mention all the goodies that lurk in our pantry and fridge. I decided to document our journey with pictures, you know really give you an idea of the monster that I am dealing with here.

Freezer #1 (top shelf veggies, 2nd frozen convience meats, 3rd meats, 4th and door are for convience meals)

Freezer #2 (more veggies, Tarzan's lunches, some fajitia meat and an adult beverage!)

Louisiana - family of 3 - both parents work - live on budget

we love condiments

several boxes of mac and cheese, several different noodles, rice, and hamburger helper - plus the staples

don't forget the cereal!

As I was snapping pictures I remembered a photo spread that was featured on called, “You are What You Eat”  ( ).   Please go to the link and check it out, it is rather interesting…or maybe it’s just that I’m nosey and want to know what other people are putting in their mouths.  It made me wonder, are YOU what you eat???  I challenge you all to photograph the contents of your fridges, freezers, and pantries.  Take a closer look at what you are spending money on and how much you actually USE the food you purchase.

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  1. like like like.
    i know I, for one, throw away WAY too much food :-(
    but at least the compost pile (and the critters evidently feeding off it) profit!