Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: Circling the Wagons

Resolution can be defined as deciding to do something or behave in a certain manner, I was raised to TRY to be aware of my decisions and how they intertwine themselves in the lives of my inner circle.  For the past 32 years I have lived my life full of contemplation and introspection so when asked what my resolution was going to be this year I was surprised to find the answer difficult to imagine.  I just couldn’t muster the strength to discover yet some other area of my life that needed more work and improvement.  I am not in denial, I realize that I am still a work in progress but I have decided to halt the construction; let’s just say that the city is currently rezoning and it will take this year to try to adjust to all recent changes.

On a whole, the past year was wonderful and our families have dodged many deathly bullets but several dear friends and family members suffered great loses this year and I find my heart aching for their loses.  This will be the year that I can work on mending the hearts of others and showing all the members of my ‘village’ just how important they are to me.  I will be making voyages to the different areas that my loves reside in, I will try to be there when needed; listen to sob stories, throw pity parties, and laugh at all their jokes.  It will be a year of bandages, potions, and cures.  In the end all these medicinal trips just may end up being the cure to my current ailment.
It is the time to circle the wagons, this past year I found my family under attack and it is now time to take stock of those that can be trusted and leave the other’s to face Darwin’s law.  I imagine that their walk through life will be full of circling buzzards and mirages of happiness.

Heed this as a warning:  I may be as silent as a hibernating bear but I am aware of what is going on in my habitat; it will not be long before the hungry bear begins stirring.  Permanent damage has been done and several people may find themselves standing on the wrong side of the line in the sand.  Please take this year to contemplate your decisions in life and how they affect the people in it.  To quote Cheetah, “Jesus and Santa are watching you” are you sure you know what list your name is on?


  1. LOVE it ... i'm pretty sure which side of the line i'm on, but just checking in to get affirmation. i'm ok, right?
    so LOOOOVE when you update your blog!

  2. Yes, yes, you are on the RIGHT side of the line. Glad you like it. Love you.