Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It was all in the name of 'science'.

Tarzan and I have always been very forthcoming with each other and it always seemed to work for us until recently. The change in the dynamic of our relationship is what urged me to start a blog, I felt like I couldn’t take anymore. I had tried the direct approach of asking for help and was tired of either hearing countless number of sighs or got tired of being told to write him a list, so I needed some sort of outlet for my frustrations. You can imagine my surprise when a mere two weeks after starting the blog the scales in my house were tipped. I’m not sure if he found out about the blog or if the release was just what the doctor ordered but I am welcoming the change. It’s nice not to want to smother you spouse as he sleeps noisily next to you (I kid, I kid).

The sudden change made me look back in some of my journals I used to keep, before the good old days of airing your dirty laundry and I realized a trend. The Smith household has a pattern of moods, if you will. For several weeks or months the house will run like a well oiled machine and then a gear gets stuck and production hits a snag. This is where I usually pick up the slack, without realizing it and everything continues as normal. We can go for several more weeks like this until the gas runs low and I begin to run on fumes. Then comes the blowup. For about 2 weeks the house is like a mind filed, just a misspoken word could warrant a full frontal attack by either party. It’s not pretty. Then one of us gives in, usually Tarzan, (I don’t always give him the credit he deserves) and the cleaning crew is called in and we are ‘business as usual’ yet again. So I have decided that obviously this needs to be addressed. If this is the SAME fight we have over and over again, it’s time to lay it to rest.

After a DEEP cleaning the house is where I (the stress should be on the ‘I’) like it to be and I plan on keeping it that way. I have decided to suck up my pride and deal with the heavy sighs and eye rolling that I get from Tarzan and ask (nicely and with NO nagging) to please help with daily tasks so things will never reach my land mind state. Mind you I have tried this before but I am up for giving it the 'good ole college try' and seeing if we can really push past this mess (pun intended).

So far so good, now mind you we are on week one but I am hopeful. I will make sure that I ASK for help and don’t attempt to do it all myself and I will allow for his need for a night off from chores every once and a while and his weekly boy’s night. Now who’s up for starting a weekly girl’s night? How DO you get one of those??

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