Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somehow you weathered the storm.

My head is too full tonight to allow sleep to claim me captive. I lay awake thinking of you, longing to run to you. I wish nothing more than to hold you and line the sandbags up around your heart. Just at the start of hurricane season and lives are already unrecognizable.

Unable to sleep I organize cabinets and drawers of junk that are always there to help me sift through my thoughts. How do I help you cope, how do I pull you through this, how do I pick up the pieces? You had these plans, hopes, and dreams of the future and now you are left demolished. I let you know I am here with one short message. I know you need your space, "I love you". I am upset for you, sick for you, distraught for you, emotionally eating for you.

As I talk to you days and weeks later I realize I have been rocked to the core by what had happened to you while you dealt with it in stride. I am awed by your calm and grace. Shaken by the lack of purpose I have for you, I make some excuse to let you go...citing something about, "needing your rest". I now realize where all my sadness and hurt came from, you had faced one of my greatest fears and handled it far better than I could have ever hoped to.

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