Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I say potato!

After 2 full months on the 'year of the dragon' plan, I am down 15lbs and I am starting to see my arms and legs taking shape.  I am pleased to say that my heartburn is also gone, thanks to cutting out carbonated beverages completely. 

Committing myself to a year of improving my health has lead me to give up something for lent.  I haven't made a lentil sacrifice in over 10 years and I am really enjoying it.  I could only think of 2 things that would be a true sacrifice; since there was no way in the world I could give up cheese, I opted for the white potato. 

That means no mashed potatoes, no french fries, no hash browns, no baked potatoes, and no crab-boiled potatoes.  Did I mention that it's crawfish season??  It has been hard but I haven't caved yet, breakfast is proving to be difficult.  I found a recipe on pintrest for 'egg cups' and I really like them, but the recipe calls for hash browns.  I opted to use sweet potatoes, you MUST try this.

There is one thing I want to point out, don't fill the cups all the way like I did...I can still smell the eggs burning on the bottom of my oven.  Next time I make them, I think I'll swap out the ham for mushrooms.

I found another great recipe for breakfast, this one was delicious.  I loved the taste of the pumpkin, the bread wasn't very sweet but I guess that's the point in eating healthier.  I would add more cinnamon and even nutmeg.

I am continuing to try different veggie dishes and learning healthier substitutions for my dietary favorites.  I am pleased to say that I even found green beans that I love.  Who knew you could boil green beans in low-sodium, fat free chicken broth?  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  SO good!
I found a way to enjoy squash without frying it, these zucchini chips are awesome.  I nearly ate myself sick.  Oh they are good, I would even dare to say they are better than the green beans...

I think the only way that I am going to lose more than 15lbs is if I stay off of pintrest.  If I ever have the chance to build a house I will make sure that the kitchen is closed off from the rest of the house, maybe I'd spend less time in the kitchen.


  1. okay, i need recipes for the foods pictured ... what is that in the punkin bread, marshmallow??? and the zuchinni chips ... oh, don't BOIL your green beans ... leave them with a little bite bsck. i like them that way ... but i really like green beans RAW. try it. DELISH! and cut up your sweet potatoes & roast them in the oven with just a little pepper & less salt with a little olive oil. SCRUMPTIOUS!!! love you, boo ... don't forget those recipes!

  2. I am so proud of you! This is a huge accomplishment to commit to your health the way you have. Yay for no more heartburn too!

  3. I agree with downeastcajun - sweet potatoes roasted with olive oil and sea salt better than french fries! I've learned to appreciate the taste of steamed carrots (something I never thought I'd like - carrots) but I think I'll try green beans next! Thank you for being an inspiration!