Wednesday, February 8, 2012

scratching off the 'never been tried' list

The past month of juicing has been an eye opening experience.  I now realize that years of saying that I am a healthy eater was a big..fat..LIE.  I hate traditional 'salads', I am a huge (pun intended) fan of any southern 'salad' which is code for mayonnaise, and I write limericks about taco salads which is merely an alias for dairy product overload (thank God for sour cream and cheese).  While I may not be a fan of eating a lot of fruits and veggies, drinking has invited me into a whole other world.  I have even tried things I have never considered allowing past my lips. 

In the interest of making my juice more balanced I decided to pick up some kale and try adding a substantial amount to each cup.  The verdict is that kale, while it may be the gentlest green, is a bit too 'green' for my tastes.  From now on I am sticking with the spinach.

While I was shopping with Cheetah at the fruit and veggie stand we saw an odd yellow melon we had never spied before and decided that it must be crossed off the 'never been tried' list.  After googling it later that evening we learned that it is a Golden Honeydew and it is quite delish!  It tastes just like it's green fleshed sibling.  I found out that there are in fact 3 different varieties of the honeydew melon: green, orange, and golden.  Who knew?

Next on my list were plums, I had never had one and learned 2 very crucial lessons when I tried juicing it.  First thing, it has a pit!  Had no idea, thankfully I thought twice before throwing it in my juicer whole.   Second you might want to wait till they are ripe before trying to consume them, they were so unbelievably tart. So I technically still have plums on my 'never been tried' list because they really didn't get a fair shot.

On my most recent trip to the grocery, I discovered a monster near the citrus fruits and was amazed when it just jumped inside my cart.  I reluctantly took home this giant grapefruit smelling beast, after all buying produce in bulk can lead to applying for a second mortgage on your home but that is a topic for a more serious blog post.  Since I was so nervous I decide to google the name on the sticker and get a sneak peek into the taste of this mystical giant.  I found out that the pomelo is a Chinese grapefruit; it was described as a kinder, more gentler be exact. This is a MUST try, super delicious.  It's sweet, only slightly tart, and did I mention HUGE??

My juicier isn't the only one having adventures, I have become one kick-butt mom.  I am having a fantastical time at karate each and every week.  I have earned my first stripe and have begun learning my Kata.  It is a real treat to have something of your own, something with a goal that you have to really work to earn.  It also helps to have the opportunity to be patted on the back.  As adults we don't really get to hear a ton of accolades and I had no idea how much I needed to hear a few 'atta girl's'. 

I have dropped  over ten pounds and I feel amazing.  I am just barely on the other side of the OMG number, and I have to remind myself daily that ten pounds is not nearly enough.  I have to chant "I am tired of being fat" the entire way to's the only way that my car doesn't careen into the nearest Sonic or McDonald's for a gooey, cheesy breakfast.  I may be enjoying the rewards of loosing a bit of weight but it is a constant battle not to settle for something that tastes yummy in exchange for my health.


  1. I am so proud of you! and 10 lbs. IS a lot! give yourself a big ol' 'atta' girl' from ME! When juicing, try beets ... pretty, nutritional AND tasty! takes the bite out of the green stuff!!!
    And try what i do when tempted to "fast food" it ... "you want a whopper?? G, you KNOW what a whopper taates like!!!"
    keep up the good work, jane!!!!!

  2. I am so proud of you! Wow! It is a constant challenge, but I see you have tackled that challenge nicely :) Keep up the general amazingness. You deserve the body you want and good health to go with it! Love you!!

  3. I am so proud of you. Choosing to eat healthy will become natural to you. In just a few months it will feel good to order healthy meals out and you won't even crave the bad stuff. We are from south Louisiana, and we love to eat, every day is a struggle for me and full of choices. I find when I choose healthy for myself, I can almost feel my heart smiling back at me. You can do it. You sure don't want to miss out on a single day of Cheetahs adventures, I know I don't. Proud of your successes this year and it is only February. You go girl. Love you.