Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wax on, wax off.

It has been busy couple of weeks in the Smith household, we have signed up for a new after school program and it has taken some time to get used to our new schedule.  For some time now, Cheetah has shown interest in karate and Tarzan and I were more than happy to sign him up for some extra physical activity.  I knew I was going to be pleased with him learning some techniques in self-defense but really had no idea how much help it would be in the behavior department.

He still has his moments where listening and focusing can be taxing but it's obvious that he realizes it and tries his best to keep it in check.  Not only has karate helped him to learn the correct behavior for social & school situations but we have also seen a huge change in his self-confidence.  It even shows on the playgrounds we have been frequenting.
I know that no matter how long he stays in the program, only positive things can come from earning stripes for memory, discipline, and fitness.  My 'Little Ninja' is thoroughly enjoying his time in the dojo and I love seeing the accomplished look on his face each time we head home.  It's a win - win!

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