Monday, October 17, 2011

a few chews down memory lane

The Smith household has been playing with their food for a few weeks now.  We've been making food that makes us giggle, sigh with contentment, and takes us on a stroll down memory lane.  Besides pizza and turkey sandwiches; hotdogs are a staple in Cheetah's diet.  He orders corndogs and hotdogs but never eats the 'bread' he likes his dogs au natural.  In the interest of 'funning up' his dogs I began searching on pintrest and I found these cute pictures and I knew of a trick to turn hotdogs into a seafood delight; they were both a hit with Cheetah and they been requested daily since their introduction.

Cheetah has developed a love for several of my childhood favorites like gumbo, mexican cornbread, and porcupine meatballs but Tarzan became concerned when he learned that Cheetah wasn't a huge fan of some of the items that were offered at the school cafeteria.  We did a recap of the week's menu and decided to school Cheetah on two staples from Tarzan's childhood: meatloaf and sloppy joes. 

I got this yummy meatloaf recipe from The Pioneer Woman's site but the sloppy joes came straight out of the can.  I forgot how yummy sloppy joes are and it's a fairly inexpensive meal to fix in a flash.

Tonight we are noshing on the gorgeous meatloaf accompanied by fluffy mashed potatoes and green beans. It's been fun reliving some of our childhood memories while making some for Cheetah along the way.  What are the 'go to meals' in your house?  Are they the meals you ate as a child as well?? 

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  1. fried egg samiches. mmmmm. good. also, tuna salad with potato4es (the way mama used to make it ... although she onliy made it that way to make it s-t-r-e-t-c-h further) ;-)
    goooood blog. that meatloaf looks positively sinful!