Monday, May 24, 2010

Got Fairies?

So the elusive pull-up (plus the other two from the rest of the week) finally made it’s way into the garbage yesterday, yes that means it was on my living room floor for an additional 5 days. I had to mention, “Hey Tarzan, what’s the story with those pull-ups” he reposnded with the usual, “I keep meaning to throw them away.” Really? I don’t get it. I am gone all weekend and come home late Sunday afternoon and he has been home since lunch. Nothing had been done, he wasn’t even washing HIS clothes for the week. So how exactly do I get to where he is now?? How do I become comfortable with sitting around when there is stuff to be done. He says men are made differently and he just doesn’t SEE what I see.

I take it personal, I feel somehow disrespected because he doesn’t WANT to help me with what needs to be done. Look, I know what needs to be done sucks, hell I don’t want to do it either! I wonder do all women take things this seriously? Why is it a real offense to have to ASK for help with the things he sees me do EVERY day? Why does it feel like he cares for me less because he has to be TOLD what to do around the house and doesn’t just SEE it? Does he not notice what gets done or does he think that I have some magic ‘woman spell’ I cast and the little fairies come out of the woodwork and tidy our world up?

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  1. perhaps a list, an "EVERY DAY" list ...
    take out the trash, run a recon mission in the house picking up everything that's not in the right room, and putting it in the right one ... laundry, dishes, bathroom scout detail ... a poster like sign ... for a reminder ... subtle like ... like 3 foot X 4 foot???

    and get cheetah involved! :-D a picture poster for him! clothes in hamper, a clean, sparkly floor, toys put away, etc.

    jut thinking out loud...