Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The elusive Pull-Up

Well things are off to a good start. The dishwasher is going and the kitchen is clean. We had a night full of PB&Js and popcorn, Cheetah schooled me in the joys of eating popcorn. Apparently you HAVE to eat in the dark while watching t.v. Who knew?

So let's cut to the chase. There's this pull-up (used, gross) lying in the floor of my living room. I didn't leave it there, I just want to clarify. Tarzan can remember that every Wednesday is 'boy's night' but the urine soaked pull-up eludes him?? Even though the thought of said pull-up makes me want to vomit, there it sits. It has ran me out of the living room, I am trying to get wrapped up in a book and forget the dirty pull-up and pajamas in my living room. Did I forget to mention the pajamas?? :)

1 comment:

  1. Wierd...my little one says the same thing. If we watch a movie at night...every light in the house has to be turned off and we have to make popcorn (which, for the most part, inevitably ends up on the floor and under the couch for me to find later).