Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too many roles to fill...

I am being haunted by a phrase: every time I hear it I feel my eyes rolling back in my head, my blood pressure hits the roof, and my voice goes up a few octaves.  We are all sitting in the living room attempting to watch one of many superhero shows only to be bombarded by the constant chorus of Cheetah blurting out, “I’m Ironman, I’m Green Lantern, I’m Batman, or I’m the dinosaur.  I am a firm believer in the suspension of belief and the importance the relatability of characters to the audience but this is ridiculous.  I am beginning to believe that due to all the role shifting he may be developing a personality disorder.  
When the tides change in the movie or when the hero is in the throes of battle his role will change.  One minute he’s the underdog and the next minute he’s the hero swooping in to save the day.  Out of habit he now has me imagining myself in every role on the tele.  One minute I’m Nora Walker and the next minute I am Veronica Mars; I have been having the strangest dreams full of all sorts of characters and constantly changing plot lines.  In the past few nights I have saved the world from a falling meteor, learned karate from Mr. Miyagi, helped solve crimes for my fellow high school students, and raised a family of five children in Pasadena.
To say the least I am exhausted, now I see why I had such a vivid imagination as a child…I wouldn’t be able to keep up as an adult.  Is it really that important to have the audience invested in each character?  Whatever happened to the real ‘stories’ of film and television?  I, for one am ready for a story or two that I couldn’t see myself playing the lead role…

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